Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie and Clyde

The Funny Farm

Team members are divided into hillbilly families. Families will then choose their name such as Hatfields, McCoys, Dukes, etc. Each family member will also create and maintain a character for themselves such as Cuzin’ Billy Bob, Aunt Rotunda, Ma, Pa and Baby etc. The hillbilly family will race against the clock to shuck corn, make dumplins, tip cows, pluck rubber chickens, gather wood for the fire, stomp grapes and more! This is a true family affair and fun for all! Great for a lighthearted event.

The Iron Chef Competition

This is one of our most popular team builders. There is nothing like the aroma of good food wafting in the air. It smells like-VICTORY! Your teams will don chef hats and basting brushes to create amazing dishes that will become the dinner later on in the evening. Each team will be paired with an award winning chef for the competition. An independent panel of judges will call winners based on marketing, presentation, creativity and of course great Texas flavor!

Texas Chili Cook off

We take our chili very seriously here at Austin Ranch. After all, it is the Texas state dish. We have the perfect ingredients for success; chilies, spices, beef and fun. We bring the fire, pots, pans and your team brings the competitive spirit for the perfect bowl of Texas Red.

Cowboy Camp

Golf Cart Polo - Golfing cowboy style! Teams of two (a malleteer and a driver), blaze a trail across our rodeo arena in an attempt to whack a polo ball into the opponent’s open-ended barrel. SCORE! Cattle Paint Branding – Branding takes on a whole new meaning when you have a Texas steer staring at you eyeball to eyeball. This activity gives your group a chance to brand a live steer. Not with a hot branding iron of course, but with paint and a brand. Rodeo Games – 5 man stick horse barrel racing will have you laughing until your sides hurt! Rope a Dope will teach newbie wranglers how to rope a calf with instruction by a professional, even if it is a hay bale with a calf’s head attached. These games are great for the team that likes to get down and dirty in a Texas way.

Bubba Games

To build a team in Texas you need the creativity of Tex Schramm, the patience of Tom Landry and the fun loving spirit of Dandy Don Meredith. We have put together a Totally Texas Team Building Exercise for theme parties or visiting Yankees, with real Texas-sized fun built in to every challenge. Redneck Horseshoes, Cow Pattie Shuffleboard, Raise the Barn, Jailbreak, Snuffleboard, What the Hay! A total of fifteen backyard Bubba Games to choose from!

Silent Movie

Nothing can compare to a good old western movie with an all-star cast which consists of your employees! Teams will select characters and a director to produce a silent film. Our professional camera man will capture the footage. Actors will be provided with a plethora of costumes and props to fit their characters. Scripts are pre-written, but can be altered at will when a professional editor comes in for the sub-titles. Western Celebrity Look-a-Like Judges will decide the winner when movies are shown over dinner.

Intense Team Building

For those organizations that are looking for a life changing experience for their employees, we offer Firewalking, Broken Glass Walk, Board Breaking, Cowboy Paintball and more. These activities are certainly for those that want to see real results! We promise you will!

Other Options – Chuckwagon Building, Scavenger Hunts, Win It in a Minute, Rocket Building, Game Shows, Bike Builds for Charity, Cowboy Paintball and more.


Roundup Room Silverlake Saloon & Covered Patio
Horseshoe Pits
Board Games
Rodeo Arena
Sand Volleyball
Ping Pong
Private Lake with Catch and Release Fishing
(bring your own gear)
Swimming Pool
Ping Pong
Sand Volleyball
Board Games
Private Lake with Catch and Release Fishing
(bring your own gear)
Trail Rides are offered for individuals or groups for an additional price.


Entertainers Authentic Texas Fun
Saloon Girls
Old West Cowboys
Disc Jockey
Line Dance Instruction
Stogie Gals (beautiful cowgirls, hand rolled
cigars — 100 cigars included)

Diamond Gem Boot Shines
Best in Texas Live Music
David Hartwig and his Trick Dogs and Pony
Trick Ropers and Bullwhip Crackers
Strolling Magician with Medicine Show
All American Cowgirl Western Trick Riding
Dallas Cowboy Appearances
Kowboy Kal — Holds 3 World Champion Titles
for: Gun Spinning, Bull Whip Cracking and
Trick Roping. He isfabulous. Also in the
Guinness Book of World Records for the largest
Wedding Ring Loop in the World

Burt Hairgrove — Champion trick roper on
horseback, Burt teaches your guests to Rope as

Old West Town — 8 to 10 old west characters
move to Austin Ranch complete with the town,
they cater to the companies personalities get the
crowd involved in gunfights take hostages,
throw people in the jail and more.

Casino Parties
Customized to your group
Horseback Rides
Horse Drawn Wagons/Carriages
Armadillo Races
Mechanical Bull
Cowboy Hat Bar
Pony Rides
Armadillo Racing
The Gold Mine
Cow Milking Contest
Picnic Games —legged race, stick horse competition, blind roping and bucket toss
Rodeos and Shodeos
Pawnee Bills Wild West Show
Live Longhorn Steer Photos
Goat Dressing
Old West Cowboys
Old West Quick Draw
Campfire and Smores
Campfire and Smores

Custom Green Screen Photos
Wanted Posters with Costumes
Digital Photos
Flip Books
Photo Buttons

Trail Rides are offered for individuals or groups for an additional price.

Kids of all ages and Picnics

Small Vintage Electric Carousel
Petting Zoo
Barrel Train
Inflatables, Water Slides,
Rock Walls, Bungee Runs
Caricature Artist
Face Painter
Arts and Crafts
Airbrushed T-shirts
Airbrushed Tattoos
Velcro Wall/Fly Wall
Super Trampoline
Sit and Spin
Balloon Artist
Dunk Tank
Activity Director
Stilt Walkers